WOD 2019/05/28

Warm Up

30 m walking lunge 30 m Bear Crawl 30 m Inchworm 20" Hip circles 20"Good Morning empty bar 20"bent over barbell row

AMRAP 4 12 Russian Swings, light kb 12 Lateral Goblet Squats, light kb 200m Row

Snatch Warmup

Pause High Hang Snatch 4×3 :02 pause Weight is 40-60% of your 1rm

Hang Snatch

Every 2 Minutes for 12 Minutes 2 Reps @ 85%+

Wod: 3 round for Rep

3:00 Max Rep KB Snatch 24/16 kg 3:00 Max Burpees to Target 3:00 Max Rep KB Snatch 3:00 Max Burpees to Target

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