WOD 2018/04/16

Warm Up: 15 Minutes to Complete:

200 Meter Run

Quad Stretch (:30/leg)

30 m Toy Soldiers

30 m Toe Walk

30 m Heel Walk

30 m Spiderman walk

30 m Inchworms

30 m Butt Kicks

30 m High Knees

200 Meter Run

Then with a PVC or empty barbell

3 High Hang Power Cleans -3 Strict Press -3 Hang Power Cleans-3 Push Press-3 Power Cleans-3 Push JerksEstablish Split Position-3 Jumps to Split Position-3 Split Jerks-3 Power Cleans + Split JerksClean

Strenght: Clean & Jerk new daily max ( 20 minutes)

Wod: Grace For Time

30 Clean & Jerk ( 60-40 kg)

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